School Insurance Summary

(updated 5/2006)

Any specific information/questions about a specific IEM’s school insurance should be directed to the IEM office.  The information provided here is a brief overview for ES’s basic information.


  1. The school has a General Liability coverage policy, just as any school has.  It is in place to protect the school from lawsuits.  This policy may be used to address damage of school owned property at leased or rented facilities.
  1. Our teachers are covered while on school business by a school policy from “errors and omissions”.  If you believe you might need more information on this, please contact our insurance person in IEM.
  1. Our teachers are also covered under “Worker’s Comp” if they are injured while on school business.
  1. Our students are not covered at any time by the school’s insurance policy.  The parents would be responsible for any costs associated with purchasing any insurance that would cover their student.
  1. Business buildings that we must rent in order to complete required school business may be “named” on our insurance policy during the time we are doing business at that location.